Infinity Boat Club is a registered charity aiming to bring the sport rowing to underserved communities of school children in Teesside.

Our mission is to use rowing to help school children realise their full potential both on and off the water.

We consider comprehensive engagement in the sport helps young people develop important life skills including teamwork, focus, resilience, how to take coaching, and the seeing the link between effort and success. 

Further it encourages good lifelong habits beneficial to physical and mental health through exercise and nutritious diet. Our program also includes teaching water safety and swimming.

“Thank you for providing this opportunity for our young people, they have not stopped talking about it since you left, which is so exciting”. 

Head Teacher

“This week has been an absolute joy to be a PE teacher, the opportunity you and your team have provided is massively appreciated”. 

Head of P.E.

WHERE: We operate out of our own boathouse at the Castlegate Quay Watersports Centre, Stockton-on-Tees where we have a fleet of state-of-the art rowing boats, as well as full equipped gym and ergometer room.  We also provide a clubhouse with changing rooms, kitchen and after school study facilities.

WHO: We work with local partner schools to identify and invite young athletes that will benefit from our program.  We are free and do not charge schools, parents or athletes.

We have capacity for up to 50 girls and boys in each year group from J13 (year 8) to J18 (year 13).  In September 2023 we will launch the program with J13 and J14 athletes (years 8 and 9).  We will selectively consider a small squad of J15 (year 10) athletes at launch. Each year, we will add a new cohort eventually growing to approximately 300 athletes.  No prior rowing experience is required.

WHY: We believe young people can through rowing develop important life skills including teamwork, focus, resilience, how to take coaching, and the seeing the link between effort and success. The sport is also physically demanding and helps young people gain the benefits of regular exercise as well as learning healthy eating habits.

WHAT: Rowing is a demanding sport but huge fun. Our program will teach the skills of rowing and training both on the water and in the gym. Athletes will be taught to swim so they feel safe and secure on the river. The first-year program is focussed on core skills development, basic fitness and swimming. In subsequent years rowing skills will be enhanced, and training focussed on endurance and strength development with an aim of competing in regattas. We believe the full benefits of the sport are attained by participating in races, and the club will aim to field crews in local, regional and national regattas. 

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